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2008 - Fresh Paint Days in Oklahoma - Cherokee Lions Club

It would be hard to find a more reluctant person in Cherokee this spring than Ron Schafer, president of the Lions Club.  He thought painting the old Boy Scout hut would be a waste of time and practically had to be drug to the project. By the time the paint was up, it would’ve been hard to find a more enthusiastic supporter than the same Ron Schafer.  He was overjoyed with the change and the community has shared his excitement. A new roof and other updates are scheduled now for the building, and guess who is leading the charge?  Yep, the guy who hated to paint.  Congratulations to the Cherokee Lions Club, whose act of pride and paint has given the scouts an almost-new place to meet, and has inspired others in the neighborhood to clean up and paint their own properties!


  Accepting for Cherokee Lions Club (L to R): Ron Shafer and Jim Daub