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2008 - Local Government Program - City of Tulsa, 60 Minute Makeover

A wetter-than-usual spring and summer in 2007 made it difficult to keep up with mowing and maintenance in Tulsa. Just weeks before the city was to be put in an international spotlight with the PGA Championships, Mayor Kathy Taylor called on Tulsans to give the city a “60-Minute Makeover.” All across Tulsa, the response was phenomenal. Volunteers representing more than 80 local groups mobilized at six locations and then spread out to get to work. The one-day result was a sparkling and proud city that already was looking forward to its next “60-Minute Makeover” two months later. Our judges called it “snappy,” “creative,” “fresh,” “clever” and “genius for its simplicity.” Congratulations to Mayor Kathy Taylor and the City of Tulsa for clocking in to earn our Local Government Programs Environmental Excellence Award!

   Accepting the award presented by Steve Thompson - DEQ Executive Director is Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor