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2008 - State Government Program Winner - Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Typically, a 10-mile resurfacing project carried out on the Turner Turnpike would consume 32-thousand tons of virgin aggregate and 16-hundred tons of oil for the asphalt. Instead, by employing a new technique called Hot In Place Recycling, the OTA ended up using no new aggregate at all and just a fifth of the oil. In the process, the turnpike authority not only was able to re-use the materials contained in the road surface it just removed – but the process produced a savings of at least $1 million on the project. It’s a classic “win-win” outcome. Our judges praised the work as a great example of using recycled materials, addressing sustainability and creating a cost savings for the end-users. Paving the way this year for environmental excellence in state programs is the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority!

Accepting for Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (L to R): Marshall Cox, Jay Lemon, Tammy Robinson, Gordon Johnson