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2008 - Team Builder Award - Oklahoma Water Resources Board

At the heart of an ambitious plan by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute to prepare for Oklahoma’s water needs over the next 50 years is the recognition that the development of strong partnerships will be essential to meet the changing needs.  It will take five years of research to produce water requirements by each county and planning region. The information collected in the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan will be used to help provide dependable and affordable water service to Oklahoma families through 2060.  And this comes with an acceptance that drought is not an anomaly in Oklahoma.  It’s a normal climatic variable that requires forward planning to reduce the threat. For helping to assure all Oklahomans that there will be adequate fresh water supplies well into the future, we honor the Oklahoma Water Resources Board with our Team Builders Award!

Accepting for Oklahoma Water Resources Board (L to R): Dr. Will Focht - OWRRI, and Kyle Arhtur - OWRB