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2008 - Towering Spriti Award - Miles Tolbert, Oklahoma City

As Miles Tolbert steps back into private law practice after five years of service as Oklahoma’s Secretary of the Environment, he leaves behind a legacy of powerful accomplishments that will resonate for years to come. He was the person who negotiated an agreement with the State of Arkansas to dramatically reduce phosphorus discharges to Oklahoma’s scenic rivers.  He also led the successful effort to relocate families from the most dangerous part of the Tar Creek Superfund site. Just as impressive was how he not only held jurisdiction over several state agencies dealing with environmental issues, it was how he got them communicating and working together better than ever before. In fact, we’re all better for his service.  His love of Oklahoma -- his knowledge of its landscapes, its ecosystems, its beauty – all are reasons why he has been so incredibly effective as the chief steward of our environment. For his outstanding work in encouraging Oklahomans to live more sustainably and protect our environment and resources for future generations, Miles Tolbert is the shining beacon atop our Towering Spirit Award!