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2008 - Youth Group Effort Winners - Cherokee Girl Scouts Troop 110

Instead of conducting their usual downtown Cherokee litter pick-up project this year, the Girl Scouts of Troop 110 decided to clean up a stretch of roadway along Highway 64. The scouts discovered that the hay nets they found could cause major damage to mowing machines. Further investigation uncovered a solution … stuffing the net under a bungee cord stretched across the back of hay trucks would keep them from blowing out. The girls then secured a KOB grant and purchased 100 bungee cords to distribute absolutely free to farmers at the start of the next hay feeding season. Our judges called this a “Wonderful, simple idea” and a “project that will save big bucks in the years ahead.” This year’s Under-13 Youth Group Environmental Excellence Award has been happily secured by Troop 110 of the Cherokee Girl Scouts!


Accepting for Troop 110 (L to R): R1 Jazmine Vest, Sophie Newman, Rachel Unruh, Brianna Wilhite. R2 Cathy Vest, Taryn Caruthers, Susie Koontz, Kylee Corr, Amber Wilhite