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2010 GAC Wrap-Up Reports Available

Dear GAC Participants,

Good morning, hope all is well.

First of all, thank you so much for the amazing work that you and your volunteers have done in this year's Great American Cleanup™. It is always inspiring to see what you all have done.

I received word from Keep America Beautiful (KAB) that the GAC wrap-up report is now available online. This is the final step in completing your project and one of the most important.

1) It is a great chance for you to brag about the work that your volunteers have done this spring.
2) Your report is combined with every other report from Oklahoma and that will become part of the national story told by Keep America Beautiful.
3) KOB and KAB use the reports to demonstrate to their sponsors the great things that are happening across the state and nation as a result of their generous donations and your hard work.
4) YOU CAN WIN! Part of the wrap-up report includes submitting thank you notes to the sponsors. When you do this you can win $$$ and prizes "hidden" within the thank you notes section. IN addition, KOB will give away two pieces of Troy Bilt power equipment to groups who submit timely Wrap up reports! --- More about that later in this memo ---

BUT FIRST - This year, the wrap-up report can be submitted only online an the deadline for submitting is June 23, 2010. You can find the reporting form at www.kab.org/gackit, the link is located on the right side of the page.

In addition to submitting your wrap-up report, submit your photos to KOB by email. These pictures will be posted on our website and sent to our sponsors.

When filling out the online Wrap Up report, print each page before you proceed to the next.
Then, mail or fax all of those printed pages (5 total) to me. Our address is: 6051 N Brookline Ave, Suite 125, OKC, 73112. Or fax to us at 405-286-5952

If you fail to submit a wrap-up report by June 23, the following will apply to your group next year:
• You will not be eligible to apply for any grants associated with the GAC ;
• Your group will receive only trash bags and banners but no GAC product coupons or other GAC promotional items.

Getting a copy of the report to KOB in this way is the only way we can get your report, so don't forget to do this! If you forget this step, you won't be eligible to win the Troy Bilt equipment.

• A drawing will be held for groups that submit their reports to KOB and KAB by June 9. The winning group will be able to select either the trimmer or the blower. If you submit for the first drawing and aren't chosen, you will be included in the second drawing.
• The second drawing will be held for groups submitting their reports to KOB and KAB by June 23.
Find more information regarding the power equipment and the drawings at: www.keepoklahomabeautiful.com/2010-gac-drawing

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day!

Sonny Wilkinson
Projects Coordinator
405.286.9141 Office
405.286.5952 Fax