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An Inside Guide to Event Recycling

Whether it's a baseball game, rock concert or wine tasting gathering, when people congregate in a public space, a majority of time they'll end up producing some volume of waste.  And, for promoters and organizers of these events, responsibly managing that waste is a major challenge.  Special event recycling has emerged as a way to improve diversion, promote recycling to a large group of people, and reduce the environmental footprint for any event.  Successfully implementing an event recycling program, however, is no easy task.

To shed some light on the issue, Resource Recycling sought out experts in event recycling and asked them to share their experience on waste stream projection, securing partners and sponsorships, marketing recycling and doing it all on a budget.  Their stories are enhanced by tips and online resources that will help newcomers, and old hands alike, make the most of event recycling.  An advance copy of this article, which will appear in the April issue of Resource Recycling, is available by clicking on the link below:


In addition, we're inviting you to pass along this useful information to members of your community or association, along with a link to a free subscription to Resource Recycling magazine, available here: