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Award Categories

  • IMPORTANT: Keep Oklahoma Beautiful has made recent changes to improve the nomination process. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

Nominations will describe a single outstanding PROJECT or exemplary PROGRAM completed since our last annual banquet that deals with one or more of the following areas:

  • Environmental Improvement & Sustainable Practices
  • Beautification & Landscaping
  • Classroom, Workshop, Conference & Online Training
  • Communications & Public Awareness

Complete descriptions of the focus areas can be found on the left side of this page.

NOTE: DO NOT submit a report of your organization's complete agenda for the year - select only one program or project per nomination)

Once you've decided upon the program or project that you will enter, find the judging category that best describes your nomination.

KOB Youth Awards

For projects designed by and implemented by youth and completed with minimal adult participation. Subcategories:
  • Elementary/Middle School Age Group
  • High School Age Group


A project carried out by a small business up to a major corporation.  Subcategories:

  • Fewer Than 150 Employees
  • More Than 150 Employees

Collegiate Effort

Projects by either college aged students, faculty/staff at an institution or the institution as a whole. Subcategories:

  • Student Driven
  • Faculty, Staff and Institution Driven

K-12 Educators & Educational Institutions

Projects that are driven by the faculty, staff or administration at K-12 educational institution. One award given.

Government Programs

Recognizes outstanding projects by government funded projects/programs. Subcategories:

  • Municipal/County
  • State/Tribal

Law Enforcement

Recognizes outstanding members of law enforcement who assist with ensuring the beauty and safety of this state. Nomination should be an individual/department that has gone above and beyond in assisting their community. 

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Fewer the 15,000
  • 15,0001 - 40,000
  • More than 40,001

Civic clubs, neighborhood associations, churches, special interest groups, statewide or local organizations (501(c)(3) status not required).  Subcategories determined by the population of the organization's service area.

Volunteer Community Group

Volunteers who help build stronger communities through exceptional voluntary leadership and passion for KOB's mission, and have made or are making a positive difference in keeping their community beautiful.

Affiliate Champion*

Recognizes an individual (at least 12 yrs of age) who has made significant contributions (time, talent and/or financial) to a KOB Affiliate for at least 3 years. This individual may be a board member, volunteer, donor, etc. A KOB Affiliate may nominate only 1 individual per year. This award will be given to no more than 3 individuals in a given year.

* = Award category open only to KOB Affiliates.
= Winners selected by KOB Board of Directors.

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Learn From Past Finalists & Winners!

Visit KOB's YouTube page to view the media presentations presented the night of the Awards Banquet from prior years. Let these videos serve as examples and inspiration when completing your nomination.

Visit KOB's Hall of Fame to see a complete list of past winners and read their stories.

Nomination Focus Areas

Nominations will focus on one or more of the following:

Environmental Improvement & Sustainable Practices: Includes projects, programs and campaigns designed to reduce, prevent and control litter, improve water or air quality, reduce waste, conserve natural resources.  Projects that demonstrate sustainable practices such as source reduction, reuse, recycling...organic farming, buy-local, use of alternative energy, etc. Measurable results should be illustrated, if applicable include before & after photos. Cleanup projects are considered environmental improvement.

Beautification & Landscaping: Includes tree and flower plantings, landscaping, maintenance, art in public spaces, hardscaping, seasonal decor, historical preservation and restoration - creation of green spaces, pocket parks, walking, hiking and bicycle trails & playgrounds. Before and after photos strongly suggested.

Classroom, Workshop, Conference & Online Training: Educational campaigns involving school children, development of innovative teaching tools.  Offerings of adult workshops or conferences.  Exhibits, demonstrations, webinars for specific audiences. Websites or webpages with significant environmental education value.

Communication & Public Awareness: Promotional and public relations efforts targeting the general public, designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, sustainable practices and their advocates.  This could be social media campaigns, public service advertising, newspaper stories, television campaigns, radio interviews, certain websites or web pages, email campaigns, video production, printed materials such as posters, brochures and t-shirts.