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Judging Criteria

Improve the quality of your nomination by reviewing the exact sheet Judges will use when determining the finalists. Click here to download the Judging Evaluation Form.

Environmental Excellence
Awards Categories

  • KOB Youth Awards
  • Business
  • Collegiate Effort
  • K-12 Educators & Educational Institutions
  • Government Programs
  • Nonprofit Organization (501(c)(3) not required)

Nomination Focus Areas

Nominations will focus on one or more of the following:

Environmental Improvement & Sustainable Practices: Includes projects, programs and campaigns designed to reduce, prevent and control litter, improve water or air quality, reduce waste, conserve natural resources.  Projects that demonstrate sustainable practices such as source reduction, reuse, recycling...organic farming, buy-local, use of alternative energy, etc. Measurable results should be illustrated, if applicable include before & after photos. Cleanup projects are considered environmental improvement.

Beautification & Landscaping: Includes tree and flower plantings, landscaping, maintenance, art in public spaces, hardscaping, seasonal decor, historical preservation and restoration - creation of green spaces, pocket parks, walking, hiking and bicycle trails & playgrounds. Before and after photos strongly suggested.

Classroom, Workshop, Conference & Online Training: Educational campaigns involving school children, development of innovative teaching tools.  Offerings of adult workshops or conferences.  Exhibits, demonstrations, webinars for specific audiences. Websites or webpages with significant environmental education value.

Communication & Public Awareness: Promotional and public relations efforts targeting the general public, designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, sustainable practices and their advocates.  This could be social media campaigns, public service advertising, newspaper stories, television campaigns, radio interviews, certain websites or web pages, email campaigns, video production, printed materials such as posters, brochures and t-shirts.