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Best First Effort in the 2008 Great American Cleanup™ in Oklahoma - The Town of Leon H.C.E.

The Town of Leon H.C.E. and Volunteer Fire Department

What is the most amazing thing about what took place in Leon, Oklahoma this year was not the 17-thousand pounds of stuff picked up or even the 648 man-hour they worked to get the job done. The most amazing thing is that they did all this and recruited 108 workers from a population of just 98 citizens! Led by Sue Blattner – a woman who never takes “no” for an answer – and with the help of DEQ Field Agent Bill Littrell, they turned out more than 100 percent of the population to make an improvement to the quality of life. Congratulations to Leon and its fully committed work force, the best first effort in Oklahoma for the Great American Cleanup™!

Accepting for Leon (L to R): Kay Brintle, Sue Blattner