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The Broken Arrow Beauty Patrol

Presented By:
Roger Finn
Broken Arrow Beautification Committee
Broken Arrow Regional Workshop, April 1, 2010

To enhance the visual image of major Broken Arrow road right of ways through regular visual inspections, reposrts on conditions, identification of specific areas needing attention and increased public awareness.

Scope of Work:
Volunteers will survey Broken Arrow mile road segments, record roadside conditions on forms once a month and e-mail reports to a central location fo tabulation and further communication to selected parties (City, Homeowner Associations, Adopt-A-Mile, Newspapers, Etc).

Monthly Process:

  1. Designated Beauty Patrol volunteers will travel assigned mile road segments (from one mile to the entire Broken Arrow length of a mile road) once monthly during the established monthly time period.
  2. Specific information by mile increment will be recorded on a provided Beauty Patrol form.
  3. Upon competition of the monthly survey, form information will be e-mailed to an address for tabulation and further communication.
  4. Noted items needing attention will be communicated to the appropriate party.
  5. Monthly, survey results will be provided to interested parties, including appropriate city agencies, organizations, individuals and newspapers.

Awareness and Recognition:
Attention will be paid to areas/organizations that have visually attractive areas and/or have made improvements as shown on survey results. Such recognition will be communicated to the public for awareness of the area's attractiveness and beautification efforts, as well as to encourage others to put forth the effort.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Beauty Patrol committee established
  2. Beautification Committee, Chamber, City approvals obtained
  3. Survey forms developed
  4. Surveyor instructions developed
  5. Improvement action items defined and contacts established
  6. E-mail address secured
  7. Commitment agreement developed
  8. Volunteers recruited for surveys
  9. Mile road coverage routes determined
  10. Recognition element decided
  11. Surveyors' meeting held
  12. Surveys started

To download copies of the Surveyor's Report and Introduction Letter to Surveyors, see the links to the left.

For more information regarding the Broken Arrow Beautification Committee, visit www.beautifybrokenarrow.com

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