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Bylaws are your organization’s primary governing document. Bylaws establish the rules by which an organization will conduct business. Legally, bylaws are not public documents and may be kept confidential.  

ByLaws Must Contain:

  • The name of the organization

  • The mission of the organization

  • The geographic area served by the organization

  • Membership (responsibilities, dues, quorum, voting procedure)

  • Board of Directors (duties, officers, meetings)

  • Committees

  • Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Rules of Order

  • Fiscal operation

  • Procedures for amending the bylaws

If you would like to view the sample Bylaws, click here

If you would like to download and print the sample Bylaws, choose from one of the following file types:

ByLaws Template #1

.pdf .doc

ByLaws Template #2

.pdf .doc

Conflict of Interest Policy Template


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