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Grants & Funding Organizations

In this section you will find specific organization that seek to fund a variety of sustainability projects. The groups are organized by the types of projects they most typically fund. First there is the general funders, who contribute to organizations' general fund and their everyday activities. Then you will find grantors who fund specifically environmental projects, ranging from water-based, conservation, recycling, beautification and "green" efforts in general. Next, are education grants, which work to further education in a variety of subjects. Finally, there are a few youth-specific grants that you may find helpful.



The Foundation Center

FREE or $19.95 to $149.95/month

They maintain a freely accessible database of over 70,000 foundations and funder websites. Foundation Finder searches by name for basic information about foundations.

Enterprise Foundation Grants Database


Search for donor information offered by the Enterprise Foundation. Information may not be up to date, so be sure to contact the specific foundations for more information.


FREE or Subscription based

Guidestar offers basic, in-depth, and customized data services on more than 1 million U.S. non-profits.

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