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What takes away from a beautiful landscape? A styrofoam cup caught in the bushes, a grocery store plastic bag blowing across the plains, candy wrappers distracting you as you bend to further inspect a wildflower. Or, when you are walking down Main Street enjoying the high rise buildings coupled with inviting shops, only to be distracted by obscene graffiti scrawled across the walls of these buildings.

Litter is an issue every community faces, and one which can be remedied through a few simple actions. Working to clean up a neighborhood or local business area can bring the community together and renew pride. Graffiti is a concern that can be addressed through, for instance, the recruitment of local artists to paint a mural over the graffiti.

In this section you will learn the effects of litter and graffiti on a community if left unaddressed. You will find step-by-step litter cleanup how to’s, and lots of ideas for cleanup campaigns. 

Also see our Get Green section for the latest nation-wide litter survey and additional litter prevention project ideas!

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