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Every litter bit hurts, and Litter Education is a program helping to spread that message. By providing opportunities through creative projects, the programs are developed to teach students about the harmful effects of littering and the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

Litter Education is cost-free for school systems, low-hassle for teachers, beneficial for students, and important for Oklahoma. 

Its three projects encourage students to research human activity and the environment and tap into their creative side to share their findings. UnCapped reaches fourth and fifth graders, who are instructed to collect old bottle caps and create a mural out of them. The students also work on a class-collaborative essay discussing the effects of litter. Do Your Art is a program designed for seventh and eighth graders. In this program, students work on UpCycle projects, turning trash into treasure. These students report their findings in a class-collaborative essay as well. With End Litter!, high school and college students write, create, and produce PSAs highlighting the dangerous effects of littering on the environment. Each of these programs are designed to help create a brighter, better, more beautiful Oklahoma … starting with its youth.