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GAC Cash Grants

Through the generosity of OGE Energy Corp, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is able to offer communities and organizations cash grants to help kick-start their Great American Cleanup™ activities. Grant recipients are expected to leverage this grant into more local sponsorships, publicity and volunteers.

Grant recipients agree to participate fully in the Great American Cleanup™ in Oklahoma, document activities and complete the WrapUP report in a timely fashion. Part of the WrapUP report includes thanking sponsors and submitting photos.

You must register for the GAC PRIOR to applying for either grant.  


StartUP Grant

  • Grant Amount: $200
  • Eligibility: 1st or 2nd year to participate in the GAC 
  • Grant Applicants must show how they will leverage the grant money, if received, within their community for additional support  (i.e. matching funds from local businesses, increased publicity and attracting more volunteers)
  • The deadline to submit an application is 2/15/17

Growth Grant:

  • Grant Amount: $300
  • Eligibility: Have participated in the GAC for at least 2 years (making this the your 3rd year or more).
  • Grantee must show how this grant would help them "grow" their GAC effort(s) (i.e. increase participation, tackle tougher job, get more publicity, expand educational aspect, add recycling, etc.)
  • The deadline to submit an application is 2/15/17

Note: Submission of a complete WrapUP Report is required in order to be eligible for any future grants or awards.