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Qualifying Organizations

Who Can Be a KOB Affiliate?

Any organization, committee, community, county, neighborhood association, city government, chamber of commerce, etc. with a desire to join with other like-minded groups of individuals in Oklahoma to improve the aesthetic, environmental and sustainable quality of life in your area and throughout the state.  This may be a long-established group, it may be a group just getting started, it may be a youth group, a college campus environmental effort, a high school ecology club, a committee of the chamber,  - or a combination of any of these groups. 

Organized volunteers with a desire to beautify and improve your environments are pre-qualified to consider becoming a KOB affiliate.  By doing so, you will make your task easier, have access to tools, information and resources, network with other organizations with the same or similar goals.

Affiliate Responsibilities

  • Complete a brief annual report  This report will be completed online and will deal with the group's activities and accomplishments for the prior year, personnel changes, etc.
  • Attend one KOB training session every year  This can be a KOB regional workshop, a Webinar or other form of nonprofit training program provided through KOB or through Keep America Beautiful.
  • Use the name "Keep (community) Beautiful"  Intended primarily for new organizations - those with established identities are excluded from this requirement.
  • Submit $150.00 fee by July 1 each year
  • Annually participate in the Great American Cleanup™ in Oklahoma plus at least one other KOB-endorsed program**

**KOB-Endorsed programs/projects (partial list)

  • Fresh Paint Days
  • Arbor Day Celebration
  • Make A Difference Day
  • The BIG Event
  • Environmental Education
  • Attend KOB Awards Banquet
  • Lakeshore Cleanup Event
  • America Recycles Day Event
  • Recycling and/or Reuse Collection
  • Tree and/or flower planting
  • Help with local farmers market
  • Serve on a KOB Committee

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