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Sue Roy - February 2010 Volunteer Spotlight

Sue Roy, of Newkirk Main Street, is being honored in the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful “Volunteer Spotlight” during February.

For the past 15 years, Sue has given her time and talent to the Newkirk Main Street program. In 2009, she volunteered more than 616 hours, much of it devoted to recycling. One of her many projects is collecting aluminum cans, selling them and then donating the proceeds to the Hole in the Wall park. With these funds, the Newkirk Main Street program has been able to purchase tools and trees and have a water faucet installed.

Recognizing that there was a need to recycle in Newkirk but with no recycling program in the city, Sue organized a group of women who take turns driving recyclables to either Ponca City or Arkansas City - communities that have such programs were the materials can be sold.

Aside from her recycling efforts, Sue is also a dedicated main street design committee member. From painting banners for the light poles in downtown to planting flowers in the pocket parks throughout downtown, Sue has demonstrated her dedication to the beautification of Newkirk.

Would you like to nominate someone from your organization? All we need is a brief description of the nominee’s work (250 words or less) and at least one head and shoulders photograph. Nominations will be accepted only online and that process can start by clicking here.

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1. Lilian wrote:
I never thought I would find such an eervyday topic so enthralling!

10/22/2011 @ 7:04 PM

2. Simon wrote:
that soduns amazing - i will definitely have to read this. (and if it gives me insights into my own mother and our relationship, all the better)

02/20/2012 @ 3:05 PM

3. Mylett wrote:
Thank you for sinrhag these thoughts, Anna! I'm especially glad you highlighted the anxiety. Even for a group like Wikimedia, where transparency and openness is engrained in the culture, doing something like this is scary. It's important not to sugarcoat this if you're planning on trying something like this. However, I also can't emphasize enough the benefits of doing it this way. The good news is, there are lots of baby steps that people can take to start exploring this kind of process.

02/21/2012 @ 7:20 PM

4. Jacqueline wrote:
Brett, I like the letters to tufure students, too. I have used that with AP students, and both the writers and readers thought it was helpful. I may add such a component to your portfolio!I like your comment about extending the revision and giving extra credit. You are right that the critical element to good writing and to improving writing is thoughtful revision. Anything that encourages that is time well spent. The only problem is that it extends the grading, so I can see why many teachers don't use it as a teaching technique.You are so right about the need to focus on revision rather than editing. For one thing, we just need to focus more on revision anyway it's the significant part. I think lots of teachers are uncomfortable with revision themselves, so they go for something easy to spot like spelling. If you are going to have students doing editing, it is best to have some checking for a specific concept that they have down pat for example have one student check for commas in a series and another student check for commas with compound structures.I really like your critical eye, Brett. You don't just read about a technique and think, Cool. You really consider how it would play out with students. Having an imformed critical eye is an excellent quality.

03/20/2012 @ 5:41 AM

5. Maximiliano wrote:
thanks so much for your continued ansiyals, ida. i really appreciate the suggestion that overeating and obesity may not gasp! be caused by our inability to just quit shoveling it in. i wish that newkirk would read kessler's book or anything that might provide an alternative opinion than the hateful, fat-phobic one that her corporation posits. then again, it seems like nothing will stop her quest to eliminate everyone who isn't stick thin, though; i recall reading that in one activist's confrontation with newkirk, she stated bluntly, i am not supportive of the fat-positive movement. what also irked me about her article in the huffington post was her implication that no one is writing about animal issues, while we all had just oodles of time to write angry blogs and make phone calls about the jacksonville billboard. sorry, ingrid, wrong again: there are a lot of us writing and calling and acting out about animals and veganism. we just don't all do it with as much vitriol or oppression as she does.

03/21/2012 @ 10:09 PM

6. Camilita wrote:
Carlisle, I am going to be interested in henriag what you think of portfolios after doing one yourself! I do love them. They offer so many advantages that encourage student growth and reflection. I will be curious to see which ideas from the readings you use in your units! I do hope that you will find a place for good revision techniques. It is a great way to teach writing concepts and individualize the process.I like the section you added on other thoughts for the week. It's helpful to me.I think you will find that some of the writing ideas that may sound like they can't fit into an SOL-driven world actually help students develop the reading and writing skills that they need to succeed on the SOL tests and in real-world writing.I'm glad you're enjoying working on the unit. It is my hope that you will learn both skills and deevelop materials that you can adapt later!I'd like to see you include some visuals in your blog. Can you think of any ways they would make the text more informative and inviting without taking up hours you don't have?

08/22/2012 @ 12:14 AM

7. Dawid wrote:
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08/22/2012 @ 6:45 AM

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10. Guillermo wrote:
That chruch was my Great Grandma's chruch. Ruth Gasaway attended that chruch every week for many years! We attended a few services, dinners, and parties at that chruch on our many visits to Newkirk. I will miss seeing that beautiful old chruch on our future visits to Newkirk. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

09/25/2012 @ 10:45 AM

11. llbdiogosoi wrote:
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09/26/2012 @ 3:34 AM

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