Bartlesville Community Foundation
This Foundation is a simple and effective way for individuals and organizations to support programs and projects that address current and evolving needs in the Bartlesville area.  The Foundation can be used to carry out a variety of philanthropic intentions: supporting one or several charitable organizations on an ongoing basis, creating an endowment to serve as a perpetual funding resource for a charitable interest, furnishing financial support to a particular field of personal interest such as the environment, and providing a short-term funding mechanism for a specific charitable project of program.

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma
This Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of all Oklahoma residents, both urban and rural.  By helping build up non-profit organizations through grants from the Oklahoma Initiative Fund, the Foundation gives back to Oklahoma communities by strengthening those who are helping others.  Communities Foundation of Oklahoma grows and sustains important causes and organizations and communities across the state and assists donors in the philanthropic giving.  The Foundation is committed to creating funds that help communities meet the challenges of changing times, to connecting donors with community needs in supporting the long term impact of vital community organizations, and meeting the charitable needs of all Oklahomans.

Enid Community Foundation for Excellence, Inc.
This Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization that serves the charitable needs of Enid and surrounding communities through the development and administration of endowment funds with a goal of preserving capital and enhancing its value to benefit the Enid community.  The Foundation will consider funding for special projects, innovative programs, and equipment.  Your funding possibilities if your project promotes cooperation among non-profit agencies without duplicating efforts, could not be accomplished with other sources of support, proposes practical solutions to community problems, is responsive to changing or emerging community needs, promote volunteers participation and citizen involvement in the community, addresses prevention as well as assistance for a problem, and leverages or generates other funding or resources.

Norman Community Foundation
The Norman Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting donors with charitable needs of the Norman community.  The Foundation is a vehicle for giving through which individuals, families and organizations can meet charitable objectives in the community in order to preserve and enhance Norman’s unique quality of life.  Grants from the Norman Community Foundation are awarded from four funds: the Max Weitzenhoffer Fund, the Norman Fund, the Anne V. Zarrow Fund, and the Seed Money Loan Fund.

Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Inc.
The Foundation is a non-profit public charity that works with donors and charitable organizations to attract and manage endowments for the benefit of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  It promotes community programs that address specific opportunities and issues within Oklahoma City and provides support for organizations interested and able to address these issues in effective ways.  A goal of the Foundation is to not only distribute funds but to develop effective solutions to improve the community.  The Oklahoma City Community Foundation operates the Charitable Organization Endowment Program to assist organizations developing endowments that generate operating budget support.  Community programs are targeted toward a range of needs and opportunities outside of general operating needs of local organizations.  The most important criteria is that the organization meets the needs of the community.

Tulsa Community Foundation
The Foundation is a public charity organized to be a community-owned organization that initiates, teaches, and encourages personal and corporate charitable giving today to ensure that philanthropic needs of Oklahomans can be met in the future.  The largest community foundation in America distributes funds broken into seven different categories: donor advised funds, designated fund, field of interest fund, scholarship fund, discretionary funds, corporate giving fund, and the charitable organization funds.

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Founded in 1954, the Foundation attempts to impact the world in four principal areas.  The first is meeting the greatest needs of communities in Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma, primarily through improved facilities for their outstanding local non-profit organizations.  The second is to accelerate the fight against atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic heart disease through cutting-edge, translational research.  The third is improving the quality of life of America’s growing elderly population through better training of physicians in geriatrics.  The fourth is to enhance the quality and integrity of journalism, focusing particularly on better training of journalists who serve smaller communities and on business journalism.  The Foundation is committed to supporting non-profit organizations and institutions that demonstrate sound financial management, efficient operation, program integrity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Inasmuch Foundation
The Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of people, communities, and the neighborhoods in which we live.  It was created to assist charitable and education organizations achieve their goals.  The grants given out by this Foundation emphasizes education, health and human services, the arts, historic preservation, strengthening the non-profit sector, and preservation of the natural environment.

Hille Family Charitable Foundation
This Foundation is a private, family foundation operating for the purpose of supporting worthwhile non-profit organizations.  Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they direct the majority of our funds to organizations and programs that operate in the Tulsa geographic area.  The areas of interest include the environment, education, social services, and many others.  Past environmental grants have gone to Land Legacy, a non-profit land conservation organization to conserve and enhance rural and urban landscapes, and the Nature Conservancy, specializes in the preservation of plants, animals and natural communities.