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Saturdays with Shavara

Saturdays with Shavara

Greetings green friends and welcome back to another Saturday with Shavara. It’s that time of year again that Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) is prepping supplies for the great state of Oklahoma to participate in the nationwide program the Great American Cleanup (GAC). This nationwide program started by Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is celebrating its 23rd year, and as an affiliate of KAB, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful will be coordinating cleanup activities across the state.  Registered participants from around the state will begin their cleanup efforts on March 1st and will continue their cleanup efforts with various cleanups until the official end of GAC which is May 31st.

Registration for GAC is totally free and so is the supplies you receive for participating! KOB provides supplies to many types of groups from scout troops, civic organizations and schools—to families, businesses and municipalities. Participating in GAC means you are participating in the nation’s largest annual cleanup. Registered groups receive free gloves, safety vest and trash bags to assist with the success of their clean ups. There is also an opportunity for grant funding through long time sponsor of KOB, OG&E for both individuals/groups that have participated in three or more cleanups and funding for individuals/groups that have never participated. The grant money provided by OG&E for returning groups can go towards funding a GAC cleanup and improvement of landscaping or painting of a building in the participants community. For the newbies to GAC, OG&E provides grant funding to assist with additional supplies, volunteer needs and incentives to participate. 

In the great state of Oklahoma, we have seen 100% participation from every county in Oklahoma for 11 years and counting. These cleanups that have taken place every year have made such a positive impact on our state and we hope that this year will be no different. Just to give you a snapshot of the impact by the numbers in 2019, there was roughly 1.8 thousand acres of public land cleared, 4.3 million pounds of trash collected, and 9k trees and seedlings planted. What’s more is that there was a total of 42,382 volunteers that participated in GAC clocking in at 206,214 volunteer hours, and with all their hard work they saved the state $8,724,886.68 million dollars in cleanup cost. I mean why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something making that kind of impact in our amazing state? 

Participating in GAC is both easy to do and incredibly rewarding, aside from registration the only other requirement is to provide a wrap-up report to KOB by June 30th, where you have the chance to share your personal impact in your community. By participating in GAC you are also eligible to receive the Oklahoma Clean Community award sponsored by Oklahoma DEQ, when you hold a tire clean-up event, and help to implement preventative measures to stop illegal tire dumping, while encouraging good environmental stewardship. All in all, GAC is one event you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take part in and it is a great way to do your part on a local level well having a global impact. I will leave you here green friends, and as always Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Tap the link to register TODAY!

KOB’s very own Content Writer,

Shavara Johnson