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Become a KOB Affiliate



  • SUBMIT AFFILIATE ANNUAL REPORT - This report summarizes the affiliate's activities and accomplishments for the prior year, personnel changes, etc. 


  • ANNUAL DUES - $200 by July 15th 


  • ANNUAL PARTICIPATION - Affiliates must participate in the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma PLUS at least one other KOB-endorsed program.


  • ATTEND ON KOB TRAINING SESSION EACH FISCAL YEAR (JULY 1- JUNE 30) This can be a KOB regional workshop, Affiliate Forum, a Webinar or other form of nonprofit training programs provided through KOB or through Keep America Beautiful. 


KOB-Endorsed programs/projects (partial list)

Fresh Paint Days

Arbor Day Celebration

Make A Difference Day

The BIG Event

Environmental Education

Attend KOB Awards Banquet

Lakeshore Cleanup Event

America Recycles Day Event

Recycling and/or Reuse Collection

Tree and/or flower planting

Help with local farmers market

Serve on a KOB Committee


  • NOMINATION - Affiliates must nominate a group/project/business/individual for an award for the Annual Environmental Excellence Celebration​​​​​​​


  • USE THE NAME KEEP( COMMUNITY) BEAUTIFUL - Intended primarily for new organizations - those with established identities are excluded from his requirement. 







STEP ONE: Complete and submit the online Affiliate Application Form (below) to establish your organization as a provisional Affiliate. Applicants will receive email notification from KOB, confirming provisional status, which is the go-ahead signal to begin completing the following steps and submitting the information.  Organizations can take as long as 60 days to complete the steps and may call upon KOB staff to help with any part of the process.

STEP TWO: Determine your organization's structure and (if applicable) board membership.

STEP THREE: Prepare your organization's mission statement.

STEP FOUR: Prepare your bylaws or the guidelines or ordinance or resolution that created your organization.

STEP FIVE: Establish funding sources (may be in-kind) and a budget.

*Steps 2-5 must be completed within 60 days of step 1, or you will have to resubmit your Affiliate Application.

KOB Affiliate Application
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Last Name
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Postal Code
Phone Number
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